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On board of sailing yachts Harmony and Melody (capacity up to 30 people) you can enjoy unforgettable hours on the sea. Our crew will take care of the good mood and will try to answer all your wishes.

You can choose your own program and there are our suggestions:

- One hour under sails – for the people, that are not sure how they will feel at sea or people that don’t have much time.

Romantic trip under sails, which can be organized during the day or at sunset.

- One day trip from Balchik to cape of Kaliakra. In order to catch the best winds in this area we should set sails early (start at 9.00 am). In this way we have enough time for sailing to the cape and lunch break about an hour for a swim at anchor close to the cape. The trip altogether lasts for at least 7 hours. 

- Sailing weekend on hour Northern Black sea coast: Balchik – Cape of Kaliakra 
Saturday: setting off in the morning from the port of Balchik, lunch break near to the cape of Kaliakra and free time on board – opportunity to swim, fishing or other sea entertainments. Sleeping over night in the town of Kavarna. Sunday: sailing back to Balchik. Coming back in Balchik at noon.

- Photo session under the white sails. For professional photographers, sailing can be arranged by focusing on the occasion for the photos - whether it is a wedding that starts a new life together or just a quest to capture the light of the golden hour - this is left to the discretion of the guests.

- Honey hour – attention – just married! Who will have the courage to take control of the family ship in the sea of life and whether the start will be stormy or calm, we will leave it to nature to decide.

- Looking for the balance – yoga in the sea. The crash of the waves and the union with nature can be ideal conditions for meditation and developing a sense of coordination.