The Black sea, called in the ancient times Euxinos Pontos, is the east border of Bulgaria, and the other Black sea countries are Rumania, Ukraine, Russia, Georgia and Turkey. The length of the Bulgarian part of its coast is about 380 km with many beautiful deserted or crowded beaches. From geographical point of view the cape of Emine, the easternmost part of the Balkan mountain, divides the Bulgarian Black sea shore in southern and northern part. With their continuously development the Black sea resorts of Bulgaria give diverse opportunities of unique combination of sea, spa and culture tourism.

The climate on the Bulgarian coast is quite mild. Thanks to the property of the sea water to get cool and warm up slower than the air, spring here is cool and autumn long. In the summer the average temperature of the air is about 28°C, and of water 23°C. The warmest weather is in July and August, May is the beginning of the season, and in September the sun shining is rather mild, which makes it the best month of the year.

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